The Ruđer Bosković Institute is regarded as Croatia’s leading scientific institute in the natural and biomedical sciences as well as marine and environmental research, owing to its size, scientific productivity, international reputation in research, and the quality of its scientific personnel and research facilities. Today, the Ruđer Bosković Institute has over 550 scientists and researchers in more than 80 laboratories pursuing research in theoretical and experimental physics, physics and materials chemistry, electronics, physical chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry, molecular biology and medicine, the sea and the environment, informational and computer sciences, laser and nuclear research and development.

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Facts and Figures


  • northern Croatia, on the Sava River, 170 km from the Adriatic Sea
  • 45° 10' N, 15° 30' E
  • situated 122 m above sea level


  • Central-european time (GMT+1)

Climate and Weather:

  • continental climate
  • average summer temperature: 20° C
  • average winter temperature: 1° C
  • current forecast


  • 790.017 (2011.)

Surface area:

  • 650 sq. km.


  • The University
  • 19 theatres
  • 24 museums
  • 65 galleries and art collection

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